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    What happend when and where? Which horses went where and how did they perform? Here you will find an overview about current events and show results:

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    Our horses are the basis of our success! Here you will find details of our world renowned previous Grand Prix horses and our dedicated current athletes:

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    They are the basis for a successful breeding operation. Get more information about our highly decorated sires - stallions with international successes:

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    Marcus Ehning is to German showjumping like the stirrup to the saddle. Read more about the genuine Westfalian and successful rider and horseman:

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    Sportpferde Ehning offizielle Facebookseite von Sportpferde Ehning

    Comme il faut bringt Marcus durch 2 klasse Nullrunden und dem 4. Platz in der Weltcup Qualifikation einen großen Schritt näher in Richtung..

    1081 likes, 53 comments8 hours ago

    ClipMyHorse.TV Deutschland

    Starker Auftritt vom Nordrhein-Westfälischen Landbeschäler Cordynox im Six Bar über 2 Meter mit Kendra Brinkop #nolteküchen #cavalleriatoscana..

    621 likes, 15 comments1 day ago

    Zu unserem Bedauern hat Plot Blue gestern unseren Stall verlassen, er wird zukünftig in Frankreich seinen wohlverdienten Ruhestand verbringen…

    1025 likes, 46 comments5 days ago


    Results St. Gallen

    4th place with Calanda in an int. class, time first round, 1.40m.



    08.-10. La Coruna

    Internet: FEI TV

    12.-18. London

    Internet: FEI TV

    21.-24. — —


    26.-30. — —



    04-07. — —


    11.-14. Basel

    Internet: ClipMyHorse

    18.-21. Leipzig

    Internet: ClipMyHorse und FEI TV

    236-28. Zurich

    Internet: ClipMyHorse und FEI TV


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