Plot Blue

Plot Blue

Born: 1997

Sire: Mr. Blue

Dam: Ilotte von Pilot – San Fernando

Breeder: F.C.M Burgers

Owner: Kathrin Somogyi


Plot arrived at Marcus stable in the summer of 2008. The two of them quickly found their routine that year and won some big classes as well as jumped their first Nations Cup for Germany with a double clear round. The dependability of Plot Blue makes him the star in the string of Marcus’ horses. The reward for all the hard work is the win of the World Cup Final 2010 as well as the Gold medal with the Team at the World Championships in Kentucky.

Plot Blue is regularly found winning classes at the biggest competitions all over the world and helps win Nations Cups for Germany. His lifetime winnings are more than 1.2 Million Euro. He was retired from the showjumping career in Geneva in December 2015.


2010 Gold medal at the World Championship in Kentucky with the Team

2010 Winner of the World Cup Final in Geneva

2009 Winner of the Top Ten Final

5 Wins in international Grand Prix

5 Wins in Nation Cups



Born: 1999

Sire: Sandro Boy

Dam: Bali von Landadel – Epi D’Or

Breeder: Josef Estendorfer

Owner: Winley Farm LLC


At the start Sabrina was ridden by Johannes in the classses for young horses and also shown successfully at the Bundeschampionat. Johannes also competed her in the first Youngster classes as a 7 year old before Marcus took over in the summer of 2006. He continues showing her as an 8 year old in the Youngster classes. In the years to come Sabrina becomes one of the most dependable and most profitable horses in Marcus’ stable. Among other classes she has competed twice at the World Cup Finals. Her lifetime winnings are already more than 800.000,- Euro.

besondere sportliche Erfolge

2014 Winner in the Grand Prix of Paris

2013 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Frankfurt

2012 Winner of the World Cup qualifier of London/Olympia

2012 Winner in the Grand Prix of Bordeaux

2011 2nd place in the Grand Prix of London/Olympia

2010 Winner in the Grand Prix of Paderborn

2010 Winner in the Grand Prix of Paris

2010 Winner in the Grand Prix of Dortmund

Noltes Küchengirl

Noltes Küchengirl

Born: 1997

Sire: Lord Z

Dam: Classics von Cambridge Cole – Oregon

Breeder: Eva-Maria Schmid

Owner: Georg Nolte


Noltes Küchengirl started her career as Lord’s Classics with Johannes in the saddle. Her outstanding quality was already evident with Johannes, who won the Grand Prix of Hamburg with her in 2005, being only 8 years old. In the following year Marcus competes Noltes Küchengirl very successfully from the beginning on. After wins in Leipzig and Bordeaux the powerful mare wins the Grand Prix of Aachen and, also not only the Nations Cup in La Baule, the Grand Prix of La Baule, also! The crack in her career due to the “stamp” at the World Championships in Aachen 2006, caused by a rider error from Marcus, by no means correlates to her strength of character. In the years following the highly sensitive mare proves her impressive form with wins in many Grand Prix as well as Nations Cups. After 9 years competing at the highest level, “Küche” is now enjoying her much deserved retirement and is expecting a foal by Comme Il Faut next spring.


2010 Winner of the World Cup Final in Geneva (with Plot Blue)

9 Wins in international Grand Prix

4 Wins in Nations Cups for Germany

2006 Most successful Nations Cup horse

Lifetime winnings: 1.150.228,- Euro

Sandro Boy

Sandro Boy

Born: 1993

Sire: Sandro

Dam: Gigantin von Grannus – Goya

Breeder: Rudolf Meyer

Owner: NYBOR Pferde GmbH & Co KG


Sandro Boy only arrived at Marcus’ barn as an almost 10 year old and was carefully prepared to jump the big classes in 2003. Due to his very scopey jump the actual jumps were not a problem, the big leaps caused him difficulty keeping to the distances, however. That did not stop him from winning the Grand Prix of Frankfurt that same year. In the years to come he added many wins in Grand Prix as well as the win at the Nations Cup Final in Barcelona. The most outstanding victory in his career, however, is the win at the World Cup Final in Kuala Lumpur in 2006. After 5 clear rounds he was deservedly declared the winner. His incredible scope and careful jump characterised this exceptional and stong-willed stallion until the end of his fantastic career. Even after the last round of his career, the Grand Prix of Munich in 2010, he was leading the lap of honor as the winner of the class.


2007 Winner of the Nations Cup in Barcelona

2006 Winner of the World Cup Finle in Kuala Lumpur

14 Wins in international Grand Prix

Lifetime winnings: 1.286.834,- Euro

Cornado NRW

Cornado NRW

Born: 2003

Sire: Cornet Obolensky

Dam: Acobata von Acobat – Cantus

Breeder: Antonius Schulze-Averdiek

Owner: NRW – Landgestüt


2014 4th place in the World Cup Final of Lyon

2014 Winner of there Grand Prix of Paris

2014 Winner of the Grand Prix of Bordeaux

2013 Winner of the Grand Prix of Herning



Born: 1992

Died: 2014

Sire: Argentinus

Dam: Wenke von Waidmann – Camillo

Breeder: Gerhard Janssen

Owner: Friedrich Stürzer und Sportpferde Ehning GbR


Anka was only 5 years old when he came to Marcus’s barn. He showed her in the classes for young horses and also competed her successfully at the Bundeschampionat. As a 7 year old, in December, she already jumped her first Grand Prix and was highly placed. She continued to be one of the most dependable horses with Marcus, due to her very good ridability, scope and carefulness she was started often in the biggest classes. Anka crowned her career with the win at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas in 2003. But also in the years after that she won many classes, among them the Nations Cup in La Baule. After her retirement she was a broodmare at the Ehnings barn for 7 years and gave birth to 5 foals.


2006 Winner of the Grand Prix of Spangenberg

2004 Winner of the Nations Cup in La Baule

2003 Winner of the Nations Cup in Calgary

2003 Winner of the World Cup Final in Las Vegas, USA

2002 Winner of the Grand Prix of Hamburg

Lifetime winning: 773.497,- Euro

For Pleasure

For Pleasure

Born: 1986

Died: 2011

Sire: Furioso II

Dam: Gigantin von Grannus – Goya

Breeder: Robert Diestel

Owner: Robert Diestel Stiftung


For Pleasure was ambitious and good-natured, and he was always focused while training and competing. His personality and success have made him an extraordinary horse. For Pleasure was a breeding stallion and has produced successful offspring competing at the Grand Prix level.

For Pleasure was Marcus’ most successful horse. Together they have won several medals and achieved innumerable victories and placings.

For Pleasure was retired from the sport at the “CHIO 2006” in Aachen in May 2006. He was a breeding stallion at home with the Ehning family.

Karina Ehning remained in charge of For Pleasure, her favourite horse in the barn, and ensured a pleasant retirement, a special treatment for an extraordinary horse.

His favourite song was, by the way, the German national anthem and his nickname was “Freddy”.


2000 Gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney with the Team and 4th place in the individual standings

1999 and 2003 Gold medal at the European Championships in Hickstead and Donaueschingen with the team

2003 Bronze medal at the European Championships in Donaueschingen in the individual standings

10 international Grand Prix wins

7 Nation Cup wins for Germany

Lifetime winnings: 1.843.652,- Euro

Comme Il Faut-DE

Comme Il Faut

Born: 2005

Sire: Cornet Obolensky

Dam: Ratina Z von Ramiro – Alme Z

Breeder: B & S Sportpferde GmbH

Owner: Gestüt Zhaschkow


2014 2nd place in an international class with jump-off, 1,50m in Paderborn.

2014 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Dortmund.