Marcus started riding at the age of seven. He took riding lessons, along with his sister, Kerstin, in the riding club of Borken. Some videos still exist in the Ehning archives of Marcus’ first beginner’s shows (E- and A-classes) on Ponies and adult horses.

Although not every ride was successful, Marcus was very ambitious from the beginning. As a result, he once received a special award for completing a course—even though in the process he had fallen off the horse three times! Marcus quickly learned how to adjust to different horses and his father Richard made sure that he had suitable horses.

All of the Ehning children learned how to ride on the Pony “Narmit”, who brought Marcus safely to success. “Lord,” Marcus’ first adult horse, gave him the confidence to compete in his first low and medium level shows (L- and M classes). Marcus then rode “Metaxa,” a horse very dear to him but also for sale. When she was as good as sold, however, Marcus lit a candle for her every evening and spent his time sitting next to her in the stable. Marcus’ father got the message and cancelled the deal.

Another pony called “Starlight” was responsible for Marcus’ first international success and helped him win the Gold Medal in the European Championships in both 1990/91. With “Starlight” and “Queen” he triumphed in several medium level shows (M-classes). He finally won the German Championships in 1991 with his third pony “Bright Ruby.”

Marcus competed his first high level show (S-class) with “Cygan.” He finished the class with two rails down. At the age of sixteen, Marcus changed from riding ponies to adult horses. During this time “Orchidee“, “Opium“ and “Talan“ were his most important horses. With these three horses, Marcus won the Gold Medal in the European Championships four times in the five year period of his junior and young rider time.

Marcus had a lot of exciting jump-offs, especially with his horse “Opium“. With the gelding he won more than 40 classes, among these triumphantly the “Preis der Nationen” (Nations Cup) as well as the Grand Prix in Warsaw. Today, the 26 year-old horse enjoys his well deserved retirement on Ehning’s pastures.

Marcus achieved his first adult international show successes with the horses “Costa”, “Antares” and the above mentioned “Opium”.

With the arrival of “For Pleasure” at the Ehning’s barn close to Christmas in 1998, the real success story started. “For Pleasure’s” previous career with rider Lars Nieberg is surely still in everybodies memory. His enourmous jumping talent, vibrant presence and wonderful character made the Hanovarian stallion an extraordinary horse.

Plot Blue, Cornado, Comme Il Faut, Singular LS La Silla, Gaudi and Sabrina belong to Marcus’ top level horses.

Besides the top horses, Marcus also trains a set of promising young horses. Up to 10 horses are trained by him on a daily basis.

In his spare time, Marcus plays soccer with his brother Johannes. Not far from the competition stable Marcus and his family live in their own home.


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